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“If you know the why, you can live any how.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Unemployed for 8 months, I lived an unstructured life with low energy and zero drive. I didn’t know my reason to do anything. I didn’t have a purpose. I spent my days feeling sorry for myself and I compared myself to others’ lives (which made me feel even worse). I didn’t have my “why” (sorry, Nietzsche).

Then I was introduced to the idea of dreaming with no limitations.

Day by day, I wrote about my future self in 10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 1 years time…

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It’s no secret that reading unlocks new perspectives and concepts in your life.

One of my favourite transformational coaches, Katie Webster says in her first podcast episode, “You already have everything you need to succeed inside of you”. Books can help you unlock the skills you already have within you to succeed in all areas of your life.

That is why I’m going to recommend 5 powerful books that ask you to think a little deeper about what you can do for yourself, for others, and for the world.

These books transformed how I approach relationships, money, mindset, and communication…

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A couple of months ago, I poured my personal story in my last article. If you’ve read it and you’re back for an update, here’s what has happened:

  • I found my life purpose
  • I manifested the job I desired
  • I wake up with energy and passion for life

In two months time, how did I go from an unstructured, depressed 23 year old who had 300$ in her bank account and was jobless for 8 months, to a 23 year old who has 3,000$ in her bank account and excelling in her dream job?

The 3 things were:

  1. Took action…

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What triggered this?

I’m 23. I recently graduated and I have 300$ in my bank account.

I’m unemployed and I feel disinterested in life.

I lost passion for the things I used to be passionate about. I wasn’t creating, writing, dancing, or practicing yoga.

I spent too much time on Netflix.

In the past month, my life went from a 15/10 to a 2/10. Safe to say I was feeling lost and I didn’t feel a sense of purpose in life.

I’ve never been one to gripe about bad days but the bad days dragged on for weeks, affecting my…

I have to admit. I didn’t think this was going to be on my reading list – ever. But I took a shot and grabbed it off my favourite book store’s shelf. Determined to see what the buzz was all about and… I have never read an autobiography. Granted, I’m late to the game, but I was absolutely struck by some awesome lessons from Michelle Obama that I just had to write my thoughts down.

What a fantastic, inspirational woman.

Lessons #1: Nothing goes according to plan

“I’m not sure that I ever believed that life was fair, but I…

I get stuck on solving relationship problems (friends, family, partners alike) as a result from fixating on a flawed preconceived notion.

5 months into my relationship, I saw his unused and neglected Instagram profile for the first time.

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The pictures were normal. Him hiking, traveling, eating, and some pictures with friends. There was one that caught my eye. A picture of him and an Asian girl. My brain immediately thought it was his ex-girlfriend and casually asked him to delete the photo.

Turns out it was his best friend’s sister; it wasn’t his ex-girlfriend at all. Unashamed, I told him…

5 Ways Not Drinking Changed My Life

Everyone’s got a milestone in their life — even you. Small or big, it changed us in some ways. Mine was when I actively chose to stop drinking alcohol and made a conscious effort to remind myself of why I wanted to stop drinking in the first place. As a result, here are the 5 ways my life has changed since I quit drinking alcohol.

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  1. “I Have Money in My Bank Account Now?”

This doesn’t seem like a surprise… but it was. After a night out, I have undoubtedly spent money on some…

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