How I Manifested my Dream Job in 3 Weeks

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“If you know the why, you can live any how.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Unemployed for 8 months, I lived an unstructured life with low energy and zero drive. I didn’t know my reason to do anything. I didn’t have a purpose. I spent my days feeling sorry for myself and I compared myself to others’ lives (which made me feel even worse). I didn’t have my “why” (sorry, Nietzsche).

Then I was introduced to the idea of dreaming with no limitations.

Day by day, I wrote about my future self in 10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 1 years time. I began to dream big on what my future self looked like, what she valued, where she lived, what she ate, who she’s with, what she does for a living, what her space looked like. I put myself in a state of total hope and excitement to start my day everyday.

With absolutely no limitations.

During the 3 weeks of heavy manifesting practices, I declined 3 offers from other companies and then I signed the contract for my dream job.

Manifesting is more than positive thinking. It’s more than just waiting around for the universe to give you what you want. Manifesting is turning everything you want into reality by means of combining your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs.

Here are the 4 steps I committed to practicing everyday to manifest my dream job in 3 weeks:

  1. Change your state
  2. Journal on your ideal life
  3. Meditate and visualize
  4. Get to work

Y‍our Subconscious

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” — Earl Nightingale

Before we go any deeper into the steps I took, understand how your subconscious plays into the wonders of manifestation.

Your subconscious is you on autopilot. Your habitual thoughts and behaviors live in your subconscious mind and are repeated over and over again.

Your subconscious mind continues to show you information and stimuli to affirm your pre existing beliefs over and over and over again.

Your subconscious knows your comfort zones and wants to keep you in them. Anytime you even think about taking a bold new step, your subconscious triggers a fear in you.

“You can’t be good at that, don’t even bother trying.” Sound familiar?

The good news is that we can reprogram our subconscious mind. The two techniques are:

  1. Speak your successes as if it’s already happened.
  2. Ask yourself: “What would happen if I could?”

There are other techniques people use to reprogram their subconscious mind. I want to focus on these two techniques in this article as I dive in deeper on my 4-step process of manifesting my dream job.‍

1. Change your state

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it.” — Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Your state of mind will determine how your day will go. If you start your day with a groggy mind and low-energy, you’ll have a groggy, low-energy day. If you start your day with a focused mindset, you’ll have a focused day. If you start your day in a high-energy, happy state, you’ll have a high-energy, happy day.

Let’s start with drinking a glass of water. You increase your level of alertness by rehydrating your body after a good 6–8 hours of sleep.

Then, move yourself from the bedroom to a new room in your home. A room where you can have clarity, quietness, and freshness. It’s nice to find a room that allows the morning sun to pour in.

Now, change your state by boosting your energy, mood, and mindset.

You might be asking…

What can I do to change my state?

For me, I change my state by jumping on the mini trampoline in my living room. My heart rate increases and I feel the blood pumping through my body. A feeling of aliveness comes through me and honestly, just like a baby being bounced, laughter comes naturally when I jump on the mini trampoline.

Another way you can change your state is by standing in a power stance for a minute. Think back to a time where you felt unstoppable and powerful.

It could be that time when you delivered an impactful presentation at your job.

Or when you led a transformational workshop for the first time and succeeded.

Or that time you asked your girlfriend out and she said yes.

Whatever it was, allow yourself to go back to a time where you had all the resources to succeed. Hands on your hips, chin lifted high, stand in a way that makes you feel powerful.

You could wake up feeling groggy, unproductive, and low energy but doing a simple physical movement to change your state can prime your mindset and body for the rest of the day.

Here are some other ways that has worked for me and others in changing our state:

  • Tony Robbins’ priming exercise focuses on getting the heart rate up and a visualization gratitude exercise.
  • Wim Hof breathing clears the head and brings total relaxation to your body.
  • Hug someone for 15 seconds boosts oxytocin levels.
  • Any activity to get your heart rate going, get your blood pumping (gym, run, jumping jacks).
  • Visualizing a gratifying/happy moment in your life for 5 minutes.

2. Journal on your ideal life

“Limited goals create limited lives. You need to decide what you want, because that’s the only way you can expect to get it.” — Tony Robbins

To manifest your ideal life, I recommend journaling for a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes in the mornings for ultimate power and creativity.

Here’s a little-known fact about our brains in the mornings that most people don’t know about.

Most people start their day off in fight or flight mode. They’re rushing out of bed to get to their urgent tasks, they’re rushing to their first meeting of the day, some start their day by consuming insanely receptive content on their phones right when they wake up. This puts our state in a highly reactive state. Studies show that in fight or flight mode, our brains are working at a narrower capacity. We’re actually less creative, less open minded, more negative, and more defensive.

Before we start scrolling through social media posts and emails, our mind is still processing and moving at a slow pace. Our mind isn’t reactive during these precious morning hours. When we’re not reactive, our brain isn’t in fight or flight mode. This allows our brains to be more creative and more open-minded.

The truth is, from the moment you wake up, you’re at the prime state to reach peak performance. Use this crucial time to prime your mind for success. Your mind has access to high creativity that can power your manifesting practice.

I invite you to start journaling with:

“It’s December 31st, 2021. Holy shit, what an incredible year.”

Write in present tense. Describe your surroundings. Where are you on New Year’s Eve 2021? Who are you with? What are you doing? What sounds do you hear? What does your environment look like?

Now, think of your future self and what they value. Use those values to guide you in accounting the successes you experienced in your career in the year of 2021.

For me, I value experiencing different cultures for long periods of time. I value freedom to live in another country for a minimum of 4 months. I value safety to creatively express myself in my job. I value openness, transparency, and honesty in my work environment.

‍With those values, I was able to craft a beautiful life on the page:

“7:24am. December 31st, 2021. Holy shit, what an incredible year. I’m sitting on the patio of my beach-front home in Majorca, Spain. The sun’s just about to peak in the sky and I can hear the soft ocean waves not too far from where I am. I’m going snorkeling today with Tam. We have our gear and we’ll spend the rest of today by the beach and in our beautiful home, reading, dancing, talking.

I work Mondays to Thursdays as a Digital Marketer/UX Designer. My job is full-time remote work and my first year with this company has been amazing. I’m earning X amount of dollars per month. My coworkers are awesome to work with. Some show their dogs on our online meetings. We meet three times a year in different countries to have a week of meetings, team-building activities, and bonding adventures. We eat pizza together every Wednesday for lunch over Zoom.”

Notice how I didn’t dive into my dream job when I started my manifestation practice.

I started with my lifestyle. Where I wanted to end up on New Years Eve. What I’m doing, who I’m with, what I hear and see. A lifestyle that will get me excited when I start putting it on the page.

Then, I describe my career and how I love my job. It aligns with my values and I include the smallest details like how my coworkers and I interact over our online meetings.

When I got clear about what I valued in life, what I desired in a career naturally came forward. I was able to use my values and manifestation as a guide to find alignment with interviewers over the phone and decline job offers that weren’t true to my desires.

Moving away from career for a second…

  • Put your mind in a place of unlimited possibilities. There are no limitations when it comes to your dream life. Like the quote that started this section, “Limited goals create limited lives”. Don’t be shy to dream big and then dream bigger on your page.
  • You’re writing as if you have all the resources and knowledge in you that got you to where you are at the end of 2021.
  • You’re accounting all the success and goodness you experienced. The places you explored, the people that surrounded you, the love you felt, whatever it is that you want to happen in the year of 2021… write it all down.
  • Be numerically specific. The number you want to get on your LSAT. The 6 figures you want to see in your bank account.

Here are some tips on how to manifest any aspect of life

  • Put your mind in a place of unlimited possibilities. There are no limitations when it comes to your dream life. Like the quote that started this section, “Limited goals create limited lives”. Don’t be shy to dream big and then dream bigger on your page.
  • You’re writing as if you have all the resources and knowledge in you that got you to where you are at the end of 2021.
  • You’re accounting all the success and goodness you experienced. The places you explored, the people that surrounded you, the love you felt, whatever it is that you want to happen in the year of 2021… write it all down.
  • Be numerically specific. The number you want to get on your LSAT. The 6 figures you want to see in your bank account.

One thing to remember

One thing to remember is that you’re not “planning” your life when you’re manifesting. Whatever you write on the page serves to excite you for a future you want to create, not to stir up anxiety that you’re a failure if you don’t achieve it all. What you’re writing on the page isn’t set in stone. You’re going to want different things and you’re allowed to create new goals. You’ll keep dreaming bigger about new opportunities as you move through life.‍

3. Meditate and visualize

“Meditate, Visualize and Create your own reality and the universe will simply reflect back to you.” — Amit Ray

It’s time to visualize everything you’ve written on the page. This is the space to evoke true excitement and joy in your body.

After you read over your manifestation once or twice over, you can begin to close your eyes and visualize.

What do you hear?
What do you see?
What do you smell?
What sensations do you feel?
What emotions are coursing through your body?

Visualize how it feels to achieve your goals. How it feels to see the 6 figures in your bank account. How it feels to have all the possible resources and knowledge to succeed and be where you are as your future self.

For me, I begin to feel extreme excitement in my body. A burst of hope and energy comes through me when I realize that I DO have everything within me to make anything happen.

Remember that one technique to change your subconscious mind? Speak your successes as if it’s already happened. Well, you’re doing it now. All it takes is 5 minutes or less.

When you visualize your goals being achieved, your mind is in the world of possibilities.

When you visualize your ideal life, your mind can deeply connect with your future self.

You will realize that you have everything you need, all the resources and knowledge, to achieve any goal you set out to achieve.‍

4. Get to work

“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” — Abu Bakr

I thought I had to craft the perfect UX designer job with the perfect portfolio. I kept telling my family, “I can’t apply yet, my portfolio isn’t good enough”.

2 months later, I still haven’t applied for a single job, my portfolio is at best mediocre, and my bank account is suffering.

I said I needed a job and I didn’t apply for any jobs. In my mind, I kept saying, “I can’t”.
Then the question I learned to ask was, “Okay, what would happen if you could?”
That’s a powerful question to ask when you want to challenge anyone’s “I can’t” — including your own.

This is the second way you can start reprogramming your subconscious mind.

“I can’t get this job, I won’t apply for it.”

“I can’t do this yet, I’m not ready.”

“I can’t apply now, my portfolio is not good enough.”

Okay, but what would happen if you could?

I invite you to ask yourself this every time you automatically say, “I can’t”. I can’t start it yet. I can’t afford it. I can’t do that. Challenge those statements.

Utilizing your heightened state to do powerful, productive work each day is probably the hardest part of the entire process.

We are never ready when we’re in the state of fear. Fear of judgment, failure, or whatever it is you’re struggling with that prevents you from taking action.

But what would happen if you were ready? What actions would you take? Probably the next simple step to be an inch closer to your goals. What would you feel in your body? Probably strength, energy, and power. What thoughts would you have? Probably positive, optimistic, and exciting thoughts.

As dreadful as applying to jobs may be, after I changed my state and got excited for what my life could look like, I continued to sift through jobs and applied to digital marketing and UX designer jobs. Rejection emails are not fun to open but knowing that the perfect job is waiting for me, I kept applying.

When I wasn’t applying to jobs, I spent my hours learning online. I continued my learning in UX design, I continued reading articles in the startup industry, learning on online courses in content marketing and consumer behavior. I didn’t stop learning through this entire process.‍

It’s not just manifesting, it’s the skills I developed, too

To be perfectly honest, I also went above and beyond when I applied for jobs. If they asked to send a video introduction as an optional bonus, I made a video. If they asked me to do a case study, I developed an entire marketing/branding strategy alongside my presentation. If they asked me to create some social media posts, I developed a 9-post Instagram page including my research and thought process alongside it.

I graduated from Biology but over the last 4 years, I continually learned new skills in photography, event coordination, design, community building, and more.

I invite you to look at life with a growth mindset. You can absolutely continue to absorb information and learn new skills to expand your mind. No matter where you are in life whether you’ve hit rock bottom or made 7 figures this year, having the curiosity to explore and learn is the best way to make life more meaningful and beautiful as a human being.‍

Your “whys” are the difference between being interested versus being absolutely committed to accomplishing something.

When you say your goal is to be financially free, okay, what does that mean to you? What does that look like? Why do you want to be financially free? Then ask yourself why 5 more times each time you answer “why?”.

Think about what your necessary steps are when you want to achieve your dream life. Once you have that strong enough why, you’ll figure out the how. Once you put your intentions out into the world, opportunities will arise. People will come to YOU.

Watch Mr. Beast put his intentions out onto the Youtube space 5 years ago. In 2020? He’s achieved everything he stated and more.

We can know what we want, why we want it, who will help us, and know a lot of other things… but the work doesn’t end at envisioning and meditating on your dream life.

If you have a strong enough why, you can always figure out the how.‍

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