The 3 Things I Did to Get My Sh*t Together

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A couple of months ago, I poured my personal story in my last article. If you’ve read it and you’re back for an update, here’s what has happened:

  • I found my life purpose
  • I manifested the job I desired
  • I wake up with energy and passion for life

In two months time, how did I go from an unstructured, depressed 23 year old who had 300$ in her bank account and was jobless for 8 months, to a 23 year old who has 3,000$ in her bank account and excelling in her dream job?

The 3 things were:

  1. Took action whether I liked it or not
  2. Manifested my Dream Job
  3. Didn’t Give Up on Learning

Let’s dive deeper.

1. I took action whether I liked it or not

Action 1: Reached out to strangers

I knew I lacked strong, like-minded, female friends in my life and so that was what I took action on first. I reached out to strangers in a Facebook group full of women from Vancouver. From there, I started a women’s group that meets up every Monday evening for a guided meditation and deep sharing that requires vulnerability and openness.

I reached out to the Vyve community next. I had been a part of Vyve’s slack community for a couple months but never truly participated or contributed to the community. I posted a single post that shifted my trajectory on how I show up to this community:

My message to the Vyve Community that helped me get out of my limiting beliefs

After showing up with true vulnerability and courage, my mindset on the Vyve community changed for the better. I was able to engage in powerful conversations with high-value people that educated me, interested me. I shared my successes and challenges with them.

Ultimately, I built trust within the Vyve community that made me feel like I belonged somewhere.‍

Action 2: Created the 7 Day 7am Challenge

My partner and I created the 7 Day 7am Challenge that completely changed our lives. How exactly did it change our lives?

  • I implemented structure in my life.
  • We now have consistency in our morning routines to set ourselves up for success throughout the day.
  • We prioritize getting good sleep to be productive and energized the next day.
  • We are working on a business for the first time together, learning how to collaborate for our shared vision.

Before we started running the 7 Day 7am Challenge, our sleep schedule was MESSED UP.

Our previous night routine:

Our night routine was different and erratic. Sometimes we’d read together, or sometimes we’d talk until midnight. There was no night routine established. Where I fall asleep fast, he’d toss and turn for a couple hours. So while I’m getting 8–10 hours of sleep, he’d get 6–7 hours.

Our TRANSFORMED night routine (and holy crap, was it transformed…):

We now wind down at 9:30pm either by reading, meditating, or stretching. We clean up, make some hot cocoa, light some candles, and spend the rest of our evenings by candlelight (and yes, you can read with candlelight by placing the candle above where you sit). Our bodies began to understand that it’s bedtime. By the time it’s 10:30 or 11, we’re both fast asleep.

Our previous morning routine:

I wake up earlier than my partner. While I’m wide awake at 8am, he’d wake up at 10am, groggy and with low energy. It was like he was a completely different person when he woke up until he took his morning shower. He’d come out of the shower, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and I’d say, “Wow! I have my boyfriend back!”

Sometimes, I’d be good at waking up and leaving him in bed so I can read, make tea, and do whatever I need to do. But most days, I’d get comfortable in bed with him and fall right back asleep until 10am… sometimes even NOON.

Our TRANSFORMED morning routine:

When we wake up, we wake up with such a DRIVE to deliver an impactful course to our 7am Challenge community members. Of course, we have to snuggle first, ask each other if we had any dreams, then we JUMP out of bed, drink a litre of water, and hop on the call.

— — —

Now that we’ve taken on the responsibility to lead amazing people in our 7am calls, we had to take responsibility for our night and morning routines to be consistent for the people on the calls. This meant that we had to explore routines that worked for the both of us.

I’m happy to say that we’re more consistent with our routines, all in the while of spending meaningful, quality time with one another because our routines are more similar. It’s crazy to me that I’m waking up with a drive and a purpose to live.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alive.

2. Manifested my dream job

In my previous article, I wrote out my manifestation plan to stick with as a plan to get out of the rut I was in.

Before I manifest, I first prime my body and mind to get into a state of joy and happiness.

I mentioned Tony Robbins’ priming exercise in my last article but I also want to point out that there are so many ways you can change your state in the morning. Some of my favourite ways to change my state in the past couple months were:

🏃 jump on my mini trampoline

👩‍❤️‍👨 hug someone for 15 seconds

💃 dance to a crazy song

Notice how you can easily change your state by increasing your heart rate and getting your body moving.

If you want to give yourself a state change in the morning, it can also be as simple as listening to your favourite song in the shower or meditating. ANYTHING that elevates your state to be a happier you.

After getting into a state of happiness and joy, that’s when I start manifesting. I manifested my dream job in 2 weeks. No kidding. Obviously, I had to take action and do the work of applying to jobs online, but when I wrote out my PURPOSE for getting a job every single day, write down what my WHY was… I was able to turn down jobs that wouldn’t serve my dream future. I was able to apply to jobs with a clear purpose. I was able to keep pushing myself to apply for jobs, even when it was tedious and disheartening sometimes.

‍3. I didn’t give up on learning

I was close to terminating my therapy sessions (and I was only 4 sessions in).

I was considering to hide away from my friends because I was ashamed of where I was in life.

I wanted to be a blob and watch Netflix all day.

I felt like everything I had been working on in the past year got me nowhere. I wanted to give up.

Instead, I kept learning and showing up everyday.

Whether it was learning concepts in UX design or marketing, sitting down to meditate or read — I stuck with it every. single. day. Granted, the urge to crawl into a safe, isolated place was strong. I couldn’t let the urge get to me. If I did, that meant I gave up.

When you dedicate your days to learning, you create a bank of knowledge in your brain that can help your future self in many ways.

  • Continuing therapy allowed me to dig deeper into my own ego and get familiar with the insecurity that plays out in my life.
  • Communicating with friends and my partner allowed me to have my inner stories and limiting beliefs challenged.
  • Persisting my daily learnings about UX design and marketing allowed me to apply those skills to my dream job today.
  • Pursuing time to read personal development books allowed me to fully soak in all that I needed to hear for my future self.

‍ — — —

So in two months time, this is how I got to where I am now. I can’t tell you that the journey to get your act together is easy. It isn’t. I can’t tell you that you’re going to find immediate results. You won’t. The work you have to put in for yourself takes courage, vulnerability, and persistence. You have all of those characteristics within you and more to succeed.

Point is, shitty times in life will transform in due time. The beautiful thing about life is that everything is temporary — but you can take control of what you’re dissatisfied with and change it by taking action and be persistent and open to learn.

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